The CAMO SHOP STARTER PACK consists of five bottles of each of the five flavours of CAMO and a free nicotine shot for every bottle. 

That is twenty five 50ml shortfill bottles that come boxed at an absolute bargain price.

The RRP of CAMO is £15 a bottle so this deal would give you a return of £375 in retail value.

Their flavour profiles are below;

HITMAN: Imagine its a hot day, you have just filled a glass with freshly crushed ice, then poured over your favourite premium lemonade, well that first sip is like every drag with HITMAN!! 

SAVAGE: If like a lot of people you can't ever decide between a mango or a blackcurrant liquid, then SAVAGE is the one for you. We created both the best mango and best blackcurrant flavours we have ever tasted, combined them and with that created this unique and exquisite juice!! 

URBAN: We wanted to be different here and provide you with a truly unique and refreshing vape!! If you took the flavour of a freshly picked green apple and combined that refreshing feeling you get off a sliced cucumber you will still not come close to what URBAN has to offer. 

UNDERGROUND: This is the juice that just keeps on giving. On the inhale you get that gorgeous sweet ripened mango and on the exhale you get that unbeatable fruitiness of a sweet and creamy apricot. 

STEALTH: This one is for all you blackcurrant lovers out there. We took the most succulent flavours of a blackcurrant and added a sharp and fresh Icey kick in order to make this unmissable E-Liquid!! 

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